Healing Hands

Reiki is a form of body work and energetic medicine channeled through the practitioner's hands to restore the clients health and an overall sense of well being.  The name "Reiki" from Japanese  is translated into "universal life force energy."  Reiki uses the universal life force energy, rather then an individual's personal energy, to bring healing to the whole person.  It does this in harmony with the natural intelligence of the mind and body, which work together to preserve and protect health while increasing over all well being.

Reiki may also be translated as "Spirit Guided," or "Soul Guided" life force energy.  This is a force even the skeptical client cannot resist, for the whole person recognizes it's powerful, gentle loving nature.

A Reiki session is much like other forms of body work with two important differences, the client lays on the massage table fully clothed and the practitioners hands on the client are usually still and move only when the practitioner notices shifts in the flow of channeled healing energy.

Pricing and Session Length

1 Hour Session     $55

1.5 Hour Session $65


The Pricing above is what Scarlet asks to receive for the session, however no one will be turned away.  If you can not meet the above pricing we ask you give what you can.